February 2022- Prayer for you.

Our prayer for you this month of February 2022 is that you will receive special favour from God to avert failure and disgrace. All things shall work together for good because you love God and have been called according to His purpose .

February 2022 is your month of open victory. You will see your challenge as divine opportunities and stepping stones for progress. There shall be a mighty turn-around. Every law of downfall and death operating in your members shall be neutralised and you will surely dance for joy in Jesus mighty name. Amen!!!!

March 2022- Prayer for you.

In this month of March 2022  we are asking God to turn your pains, afflictions, rejections, abuse, sorrow and losses around and fill your life with pleasant moments of victory. Your coast shall be enlarged. Your work of many years shall not be consumed by fire, storm or any violence. God will rebuke spiritual devourers wanting to scatter or cart away whatever you have laboured to gather.

March 2022 is your month of open reward. Your prayer in your closets shall be answered in the open. You will obtain mercy and find help. You will experience deliverances and signs and wonders shall follow you all the days of the month in Jesus mighty name. Amen!!!!

May 2022- Prayer for you.

In this month of May 2022, God will reveal to you that He is the Almighty. Whatever you have been dealing with shall be resolved by His power. He will show you His mercies in manifold ways and make His divine will known to you. 

Your path and life shall be lightened by God, the Father of all lights, He will guide and protect you all through the month You will be more persuaded of His covenant and faithfulness in your life. Your labour shall never be in vain. In Jesus mighty name, Amen !!!!

April 2022- Prayer for you.

It is in the heart of God that you prosper in this month of April 2022. He wants you to be in health and experience the fulness of His joy. Therefore, By His grace, you will align with God during the month so as to exceed desired expectations and surprise those who doubt and mock your abilities.

In April 2022 you will create extraordinary impact. Your name will be mentioned in halls and places of honour. You will arise and shine. The Almighty shall be your defence. He will order your steps into greatness and great shall be your peace in Jesus mighty name. Amen!!!!