Stephen Akosile is the founding pastor of Jesus Touch Ministries, The Bethel Place, Heywood.

Stephen has a strong passion for people, helping them find direction and resolve complex social and life issues.

He wants every man to understand their duty to live balanced lives, which he describes for a man as an articulate way of living peacefully with himself, with all the other works of creation and ultimately with God.


A balanced life is the one in which a man has peace in his spirit,  joy in his soul, and comfort in his body. 

To propagate his wisdom, and principles, Stephen engages his business clients, church leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, students and all others, in 

balanced life lecture series in which he uses  practical applications of the word of God and prayer to drive home his point.

Stephen understands his role in his calling into the pastoral ministry;  to listen and care for people, watch out for them, offer support in times of need, and nurture spiritual growth of many. His faith in Christ reveals itself through practically supporting others.

Besides this, Stephen is also a public  commentator, an advocate of religion, and a business networking consultant.

He is a director of Diaspora Resources, a research, directory and networking company with a major objective of developing African owned businesses all over the world.

Stephen can be trusted and invited to speak in leadership conferences, preach in churches, moderate debates, television talk shows, and comment on issues relating to relationships, small business enterprise, workplace productivity, religion and spirituality.

He is married to Abi since 1991 and they are blessed with two sons, two daughters  and a granddaughter..