Thanks for accepting to speak at Jesus Touch Ministries, Heywood.


Our desire for more knowledge and deeper fellowship remains a motivation to have people like you come to us now and often. 


Our Sunday services starts at 11.00 am.

If you are preaching, sermons commence around 12:30 pm and finishes at 1:15 pm. If you are delivering a talk or in any of our LIFE EMPOWERMENT Sundays, your talk will normally start around 12:00 noon and should end before or exactly at 1:00 pm.

For Life Empowerment Seminars, the first thirty minutes is is for  the main talk while the other half is dedicated to interactive questions and answers. 

We advise a cautious usage of time as our intention is not to keep the people longer than necessary.


Our church is not in large number, we also have a limited space we use for meetings but we have visions of becoming great.

So we are expecting an audience of about  25 to 40 people including children. Our church is also of people of diverse cultural backgrounds, with majority of sub-Saharan African origin.


It may be necessary you will have a need of this. We have audio-visual facilities for information display of presentations so you may bring along a pen drive or disc and our technical team should be able to apply them effectively. You may also email it to this address: prior to the day and we 'll make sure to have it ready for your use before you arrive. 


You can reach our church by inserting the address Bethel Street, Heywood OL10 1HU on your navigator. This will take you to TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH. Find a place to park on this street or any other nearby space. At some times and if not full our visitors are allowed to park directly inside the Methodist church car park or the business car park directly in front of it. You can also park along the road on Bethel Street. 

To get to us, Walk from Bethel Street to the main street called Market Street and you will find JACK FULTON AND BOOTS PHARMACY. We are directly on top of the Pharmacy.

There is a door on the ground floor BESIDES JACK FULTON STORE that leads to our floor.

In case you need further description, please visit our website or call any of our numbers. 



This is our general policy on honorarium at the moment.

We sincerely appreciate all our guest speakers who come to speak in our church and value their sacrifice to bless the people of God.

Because our Church is still in the process of growing we always appeal to all our speakers to accept whatever we are able to present (no matter how small) as honorarium in good faith and to count the work as a work of charity, cheerfully believing that God, our chief rewarder is able to duly reward their labour of love. 

More importantly we always pray for all our guest speakers, and will believe that for them to have eventually showed up to preach in our church they have agreed with this policy.


In case there are any further queries, Please do not hesitate to send an email to or call us on 07985372343.