We believe our church has a vital role to play in shaping the future of the community, hence the need for our membership's enlightenment on as many subjects as deemed fit so as to prepare them to positively impact people's lives 

Life Empowerment Service lecture series aims to prepare the local church and the community for leadership positions and future prosperity through enlightenment and speaking sessions by seasoned experts and career specialists.


An intense time of dedicated prayers for those who love to experience depths of God and receive unusual miracles and deliverance in their walk with God.

Every First Wednesday of the month.

Life Empowerment Sunday services started in March 2017 to enlighten believers on focused subjects so as to mould them into becoming transformational leaders of the present and the future.
During these meetings, held every second Sunday of the month,an invited expert speaks and imparts knowledge in line with the objectives of the program..

As we have discussed, the service starts at 11.00 am with a talk from Sola Olanrewaju and will end around 11.40 am. Your talk will start around 12.30 pm and end exactly at 1.15 pm. We close the service at exactly 1.30 pm. This means you have 45 minutes of talk with Q & A inclusive. We are always very cautious of time so we suggest you find a way to be strict with your time usage. 

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